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Silent Valley National Park Attraction

Silent Valley National Park is an exotic place of natural wildness and the austere grandeur of mountain sceneries. Its flamboyant view of pasture valleys, smoggy cluster of mountain ranges and startling shade of dark rainforest are guaranteed for exhilarating adventure. Silent valley is the only place that offers unique feel of real naturalism and distinct experience of rainforest where as most of the national parks are excess with human activity and artificial outfits.

Silent Valley biosphere has plenty of biological treasures to offer its visitors.  The core of the park is Sairandhriat about 25 Km from the main entrance of Mukkali. A drive from mukkali into the depth of the forest has bounties of natural scenes and calm wildlife. The rainforest is sumptuously rich in rare plants and trees some of them cannot found anywhere in the world. 
Kunthi River Bridge:
One of the main sightseeing spot in the park isKunthipuzha River hanging bridge. The suspension bridge across the river is a primary location to view the elegance of surrounding landscape of green pastures.  Amidst the dense forest and noisy flow of crystal clear streams beneath the hanging bridge is absolutely enthralling and if the luck persist we could spot few tortoise on the banks of theriver.  It takes 2Km walk from the Sairandhri entrance to reach the bridge.
Bird Watching:
Bird watching is another main attraction of the Silent Valley National Park. There is no specific spot to sight birds as drive from Mukkali to Sairandhri is fair distance to witness some rare breed of birds. Trekking into the dense forest increases our opportunity to spot some colorful birds. The rhythmic sound of birds is definitely a special treat for our ears.
Watch Tower:
The 300 steps of 4-floor watchtower is the best way explore the magnificent surrounding valleys of the park region.  A glimpse of the river kunthi and hanging bridge, panoramic scenes of rainforest and phenomenal mountain ridges of Niligri biosphere can be seen from this 30m. watchtower.  Even one could spot birds and some animals from this observation deck in very rare occurrences.
Silent valley does not have much to offer expect trekking and trails. Visitors can do hiking with special permission from warden and it is very hard to obtain. All the activities inside the park are under the proper guidance of allotted guides and visitors are not allowed exploring on their own.
Sairandhri Trip:
Sairandhri trip is best suit for visitors who cant spend more than one day. The 23 Km trip starts from the Mukkali and all the way to the main entrance of Silent Valley National Park at Sairandhri. An allotted guide explains all about the park and its precious flora and fauna. Tourist can choose a jeep or a bus for this trip depends on the budget.  At sairandhri one can do the 2Km long trek upto the banks of River Kunthi. Tourist can spot some rare birds and species on this trip.
Bhavani River Trail:
Bhavani river trail is 3Km long trekking into the wild forest along the banks of Bhavani River.  The trail is most suited for people who are desperate to learn the river-forest ecosystem.  Total distance including return trip is 6Km and it is the best trail to sight some rare birds and butterflies. Eco Development committee runs this 3 hours trail with a good guide.
KaruvaraWaerfall Trail:
One of the most exciting trails is Karuvara waterfall trail as it goes through the thick forest areas of the buffer zone.  The total length of this trail is 8km and 4 hours long.  Maximum number of persons allowed per trail is 6 and restricted to enter into the waterfall.
Keerippara Trail:
Keerippara trail is another thrilling walk into the rainforest at about 10 Km distance up and down the buffer zone. Trekking into the wet rainforest is unique experience and this trail ends at grassland of keerippara. Maximum of 6 membersper group are allowed for this trail for 6hrs long trekking. is Powered by Cybergeek solutionTM