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Silent Valley National Park

Niligiri biosphere region boasts the most beautiful and wet rainforest of India with a lively park named Silent Valley National Park.It is located in the deep jungles of Western Ghats, in Palakkad district of Kerala, South India. Mukkali is the gateway to the silent valley, at about 60 Km from Palakkad and 65 Km from Coimbatore by means of shortest paths and further 25 Km into the forest is sairandhri the core of Silent Valley. Sprawled about 236 square kilometers of dense forest, this park is an incredible gift of nature shielded by high ridges of niligri biosphere on three sides. It was first explored in 1847 and in early and mid of 19th century there were plans proposed to implement hydroelectric projects but left alone after strong oppose to save the wildlife. That results in birth of National park in 1984 and it was inaugurated in 1985 as Silent Valley National Park.

Silent Valley is a small yet unique tropical rainforest amidst the Western Ghats. Resplendent landscape shrouded of formidable ridges isolates mountainous forest from human expedition that preserves biodiversity and ecosystem. This evergreen rainforest is dark and gloomy as thick veil of trees makes the sun hazy and forest canopy barely penetrates sunlight into deep jungles.Plethora of crystal clear water of River Kunthi that descends from shady woodland of Niligri hill gushes through valleys and plains of this greenish terrain.

Silent valley is a shelter for many endangered species, endemic animals, and plants. This rainy forest is home for lavish amount of rare plantations that can be seen only in this area of lush green vegetation. Abundance of rich flora and fauna makes this place an ideal spot for wildlife and botanical researchers with its naturally bound atmosphere. None like other sanctuaries and rainforests where lot of human intrusion affects the wildlife and its natural environment,this region is untouched by humans. It is the sublime place for natural admirers and wildlife enthusiasts as one can experience natural harmonic sounds of birds, animals, fiery noise of creeks and scratching sounds of trees.Trekking into the rainforest on the damp passage is very adventures and unique experience of our lifetime. is Powered by Cybergeek solutionTM  Google+